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T.L. OsbornTL Osborn

 Dr. T.L. Osborn is an esteemed evangelist, statesman, teacher, author and publisher, known worldwide for his mass miracle ministry to millions, Dr. T.L. Osborn has proclaimed the Gospel to nearly 90 nations. Having evangelized in non-Christian nations for more than half a century it is said that Dr. T.L. and his late wife, Dr. Daisy Osborn, have preached to more people, and witnessed more healing miracles, than any other couple in history!

Tommy Lee Osborn (known as TL) was raised in Oklahoma by Christian parents. He accepted Christ into his life in 1936, when he was 12 years old. There and then TL dedicated his life to helping people find Christ. As a teenager, Osborn accompanied his father, playing music at a series of revival meetings. At one such meeting in California, TL met his future wife; Daisy, aged 16. Although only 17, TL knew that Daisy was the lady he was going to share his life with. Daisy Osborn and TL, aged 20 and 21, went as missionaries to India in 1945 - a place that God had put on their hearts. They  were enthusiastic by Christ’s commission to the disciples to go “into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”, they wanted to share God’s love and grace with the lost. Throughout his ministry, T.L. Osborn has personally witnessed the miraculous healing of multitudes of people. His book "Healing The Sick" with over one million sold, is one of the foremost authoritative teachings on divine healing.


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